5 Daredevil experiences in St. Vincent

(Secrets of SVG) – Some travelers crave extraordinary adventure.

With its mountainous, multi-island make up, St. Vincent and the Grenadines has a number of daring adventures which are best suited for the strong at heart.

Here are five (5) daredevil adventures in St. Vincent:

1. Sleeping or camping out in volcanic crater: Volcanoes can erupt at anytime. So, taking a decision to pitch tent in the crater of a dormant one is in fact a very daring experience.

At the La Soufriere volcano on mainland St. Vincent you’d be climbing down more than 3,000 feet in the crater to pitch tent with the smell of sulfur to accompany you and your fellow campers all night long.

Though it might be cold, if you get close enough to the vent where all the heat comes out, you should be more than warm enough.

2. Swimming in an old volcanic crater: who knows what’s beneath, or what geological mysteries are waiting to reveal themselves? Do you dare take a swim?

Urballis Bess posted a video of the swimming experience on his Facebook page.

Here’s a video link to the crater swimming – Link.

3. Climbing Richmond Peak: A lot of locals who have ever managed to climb Richmond Peak mountain, the second highest mountain on St. Vincent have serious reservations about going back. Sure, the views up there are impeccable, but the climb up the steep, winding path to the top will take you several hours and will require stamina.

A view of Richmond Peak from the slopes of the La Soufriere Volcano.

You might also have to camp overnight.

4. Surfing on the Windward side of the island: locals do this in areas such as Georgetown, but this is the only thing on the list we absolutely do not recommend to visitors.

The strong rip currents of the Atlantic ocean will not be shy to conceal you, sometimes without a trace. Though surfing may seem like a wonderful idea, we don’t advise anyone to take up this daredevil challenge.

5. Journeying to the hot springs: crossing several rivers

People crossing a river to make their way to the Hot Springs. Photo: Lyndon Oliver

St. Vincent may not have zip lines and other daredevil adventures which are commonly known to travelers, but it does have a whole world of adventure for thrill-seekers.

One of the best thrill-seeking adventures on St. Vincent is the trip to the Hot Springs near Trinity Falls on the northwestern end of St. Vincent.

This is a thrill-seeking adventure because you are required to walk through a rainforest, cross precarious waterways and traverse under the majesty of high cliffs and winding crevices.

Check out a previously posted article on the journey to the Hot Springs here.

By: Demion McTair

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