Campaign promises for Central Leeward: Brewster vs Exeter

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In this issue, we focus the attention on the constituency of Central Leeward, this constituency is earmarked for major national development projects by the ruling political party (ULP). These projects are expected to catapult the country’s tourism offerings, propel economic development, and create substantial employment opportunities. They are as follows:

  • Introduction of a Beaches by Sandals resort. Click here for more information.
  • Construction of a Marriott Hotel at Mount Wynne. Click here for more information.
  • Construction of a Black Sand Resorts and Villas. Click here for more information.
  • Implementation of a Financial Services System. Click here for more information.

The two candidates who a vying to represent the constituency of Central Leeward are first time (ULP) candidate Mr. Orando “Randy” Brewster and the (NDP’s) second time contender Mr. Benjamin Exeter. Their plans are as follows but are not limited to:

Mr. Orando “Randy” Brewster: The following information was taken from his speeches delivered on ULP platforms during the period August – October 2020.} The candidate has stated the he has 27 plans that will tackle local community issues and general constituency development. The first time contender vying to represent the Central Leeward general constituency development plans are as follows:

  1. Build a fishing complex at Bottle & Glass
  2. Refurbish and upgrade police stations within the constituency.
  3. Establish the Central Leeward Impact Project (CLIP) that would partner with NGOs from the constituency to help with infrastructural development and youth empowerment.
  4. Expansion of the housing project, offering Housing lots
  5. Reintroduce No-Income and Middle Income homes.
  6. Assist young farmers to acquire lands through leasing to help boost the agricultural potential of the constituency.
  7. Launch a Central Leeward Enhancement & Beautification Project through the “adopt an area” program.
  8. Create the environment for entrepreneurial expansion by encouraging more community and locally based businesses.
  9. Provide avenues for skill training throughout the constituency.
  10. Upgrade the road network and introduce paved foot paths to insure better travel and trade.
  11. Constantly maintain all sporting facilities.
  12. Ensure that all health facilities within the constituency are properly managed through sufficient staffing, stocked inventory and proper maintenance.
  13. Have regular town-hall meetings to provide updates, receive feedback and generate ideas for further constituency development.

Benjamin Exeter: The following information was taken from his speeches delivered on NDP platforms during the period August – September 2020.} This is the second time that this candidate is contesting to represent the constituency of Central Leeward, the candidate’s development plan is focused on three main areas: Jobs and Wealth creation, Empowerment and Community development. His plans are as follows:

  1. Modernize the fish market and build new fish markets.
  2. Encourage the establishment of fisheries cooperatives to help facilitate jobs and wealth creation. through joint ownership by fishers and their families.
  3. Develop fish fry festival as a tourism and community destination for the constituency.
  4. Actively guid policy and resources to the reduction of the fish import bill.
  5. Refurbish and upgrade resource centers
  6. Design and conduct a comprehensive program for training and skills development.
  7. Mentoring.
  8. Access to affordable connectivity.
  9. Develop Mt.Wynne Park and create a safe well-maintained family environment as a recreational facility for local and tourism markets alike.
  10. Refurbish, upgrade and construct new sporting and cultural facilities.
  11. Guide policy and resources to nurture and develop a pathway to sports, arts music and culture as a means of personal and community development.

Detailed information on his plans can be found in the following picture:

Election Day is Thursday, November 5, 2020

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