Campaign Promises for Marriaqua: Prince vs Wyllie

by Admin

In this issue we focus the attention on the constituency of Marriaqua, where we have the (ULP) incumbent Mr. St. Clair ‘Jimmy’ Prince and the (NDP) candidate Mr. Bernard Wyllie, a former representative of the constituency who was once defeated over 20 years ago and have returned to contest for the representation of the constituency once more. Their plans are as follows but are not limited to:

Mr. St.Clair ‘Jimmy’ Prince: {The following information was taken from his speeches delivered on ULP platforms during the period July – October 2020.} In addition to his ongoing works, the incumbent’s development plans are as follows:

  1. Construct a state of the art Marriaqua Technical Institute.
  2. Construct more river defense infrastructure.
  3. Improve conditions in the villages of Glenside, Kelbourney, Riley, Mt. Pleasant, Carriere, among others.
  4. Upgrade feeder roads throughout the constituency.
  5. Establish a Centre for the elderly.
  6. Create a housing project for the constituency.
  7. Create opportunities for entrepreneurial expansion.
  8. Develop Eco-Tourism

**This candidate has a high delivery and accomplishment rate, he has delivered on over 30 projects within his first term in office and currently has several projects nearing completion. He has one of the highest accomplishment rate of all the candidates that we have analyzed, falling very close behind Mr. Camillo Gonsalves. Here are some of his accomplishments within his first term in office:

Source: Jimmy Prince’s official Facebook page.

Mr. Bernard Wyllie: {The following information was taken from his speeches delivered on NDP platforms during the period August – October 2020.} The candidate’s development plans are as follows:

  1. Implement the Constituency Development Fund.
  2. Create Agro-Processing plants in Marriaqua.
  3. Refurbish the Cane-End playing field.
  4. Upgrade the playing field in Cotton Ground – Richland Park by putting flood lights.
  5. Provide a Hard Court to play netball in Evesham and Richland Park.
  6. Construct a play ground for children in Richland Park, Evesham, Riley and Carriere.
  7. Build a Community Centre.
  8. Rebuild the feeder road infrastructure.
  9. Repair the Montreal and Majorca road to facilitate tourism.
  10. Create a deep hole/mineral spring in Montreal as part of tourism development.
  11. Insure that every house in the constituency gets access to electricity and potable water.
  12. Create Wifi access throughout the entire constituency.
  13. Build a Technical Vocational school.
  14. Form a Marriaqua Development Council.
  15. Help farmers to get title deeds for farm lands in Mt. Pleasant
  16. Refurbish the Mt.Pleasant road.
  17. Build a recreational facility in Glenside.
  18. Upgrade the existing Health Care Centre.

Election Day is Thursday, November 5, 2020

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