Campaign promises for North Leeward: James vs Matthews

By Admin

In this issue, we focus the attention on the constituency of North Leeward. This constituency is categorized as a marginal seat for the upcoming elections since the NDP’s incumbent only won by 12 votes to a first-time candidate in the 2015 general elections. The two candidates go head-to-head once more in an intense electoral battle to represent the constituency of North Leeward. We have second-time Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate Mr. Carlos James and the New Democratic Party (NDP) incumbent – Mr. Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews. Their plans are as follows but are not limited to:

Mr. Carlos James: {The following information was taken from his speeches delivered on ULP platforms from August to October 2020.} This candidate has served as a “Care taker” under the ruling political party for this constituency for the last five years and has delivered on over 20 projects within the constituency without being the parliamentary representative for the constituency, also he has several projects which are nearing completion. Apart form the ongoing works, the candidate’s development plans for the constituency are as follows:

  1. Build a Multipurpose facility at Petit Bordel to provide training in vocational and technical programs.
  2. Build a Agro-processing factory at Chateaubelair
  3. Upgrade the Fisheries Complex – to be retrofitted with a processing plant to facilitate packaging and storage for exportation.
  4. Develop a plan to implement a textile factory in the constituency to cater for but not limited to the making of school uniforms.
  5. Introduce remedial programs (basic skills programs) in Troumaca, Rose Bank, Couls Hill, Petit Bordel, Spring Village.
  6. Explore tourism development options at the Cumberland Bay area.
  7. Introduce the Rural Economic and Agricultural Program (REAP) to provide entrepreneurial training and support in the youth micro-enterprise in the agricultural sector.
  8. Build a Troumaca Technical Institute and an Administrative centre, this “Centre of Excellence” would house on one floor: facilities to train young people in Web-App development, Graphic design, Information Technology, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering among other vocational skills. On the other floor: facilities for a post office, a local BRAGSA office and Village Council
  9. A new police station in Spring Village
  10. Upgrade road network throughout the constituency.
  11. Construct an Administrative Building at the Chateaubelair Harbor that would house the constituency Town Board, Customs, Post Office, Financial Services Centre
  12. Create the opportunity for land and house ownership by acquiring, surveying and distributing lands to young professionals

Mr. Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews: {The following information was taken from his speeches delivered on NDP platforms from August to October 2020.} This would be the incumbent’s third time vying to represent the constituency of North Leeward. He stated that his main focus is on job creation throughout the constituency to give the constituents a better standard of living. His plans are as follows:

  1. Introduce the Constituency Development Fund.
  2. Construct a Cruise Ship Berth at Chateaubelair/Richmond area.
  3. Introduce a Cable Cart transport and Zip Line system between Richmond – La Soufriere Volcano.
  4. Set up a mineral water bottling plant for the exportation of bottled water.
  5. Implement Marijuana tourism, encourage tours to marijuana fields etc.
  6. Create a Marijuana Hotel and recreational facility at Richmond.
  7. Upgrade the Fisheries Complex (partner with the private sector)
  8. Introduce skill training throughout the constituency in all vocational fields.
  9. Upgrade road network throughout the constituency.
  10. Upgrade hospital

Election Day is November, 05, 2020

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