Daniel willing to give up his lands for new school

By Admin. Updated 7:40 a.m., Wednesday, October 28, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Kingstown, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – The elected representative of the North Windward constituency, Montgomery Daniel said he is willing to give up his lands to facilitate the construction process of a new secondary school in the constituency.

Daniel told physical and virtual attendees at the Unity Labour Party (ULP’s) youth manifesto launch on Sunday (October 27), that the building of the school is one of three major projects he wants to see done if he and the ULP win the November 5 general elections.

Mr. Daniel established a secondary school at Sandy Bay during his tenure. It is the only secondary school in the constituency, but the government says it wants to build a “modern state of the art” physical structure to replace the existing structure, some of which are wooden buildings.

Mr. Daniel said negotiations are currently ongoing to find a place to temporarily relocate students of the existing secondary school at Sandy Bay, where the new, modern school will be built. But, he said those negotiations are being met with some disagreements.

“The first phase of that project is being discussed with the Anglican Church where the renovation of that building will be done. There seem to be some disagreements here and there but I am hoping for the best that the agreements are done and we get things going,” Mr. Daniel said.

“If, however, the agreements fail to reach anywhere, I Montgomery Daniel is prepared to give up my lands to have the first phase of that project going so that the constituency of North Windward could have a secondary school,” Mr. Daniel said.

Some of the other projects he wants to complete are bridges at Noel and Overland where roads are made impassable when there is heavy rain, and the completion of the Sea Defense Project at Sandy Bay to combat rapid coastal erosion.

He also said he wants to expand the arrowroot industry and build and repair more houses to improve housing in the constituency.

Mr. Daniel will make his seventh run at the polls on November 5. If he is successful against first-timer, Shevern John of the New Democratic Party (NDP), it will be his 5th victory at the polls.


  1. Daniel didn’t build a secondary school in Sandy Bay. The Primary School, built by the NDP was converted into a secondary school by the ULP.


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