8 In a row for Point Village, Bequia second in 2020 Christmas lighting

By Admin. Updated 2:33 p.m., Monday, December 28, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Kingstown, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – The North Windward village of Point has emerged the champion of the National Christmas Lighting Competition for the eight-consecutive time.

In the 2020 results announced by the National Nine Mornings and Christmas Lighting Committee, the Almond Tree in Bequia placed second, while Works in the North Leeward community of Rose Hall placed third. Fourth place went to Belair.

The Best Lit Private House category was won by Olivia Da Silva of Cane End, while second and third positions went to Jimmy Samuel of Penniston and Ann Jones of Questelles, respectively.

The Best Lit Garden category was won by Hull’s residence Christmas Gardens at top Villa, while second and third positions went to Richmond Hill Gardens and Fitz Hughes School Grounds.

More than 40 communities participated in the national Christmas lighting competition this year.


Zone 1:
1. Rose Hall – Works
2. Rose Bank – Village square
3. Spring Village – Main Road
4. Troumaca – Cross Roads And Coulls Hill -Main Road (tie)

Zone 2:

1. Top Belair -Junction

2. Town Hill - square (added) 3. Sion Hill - intersection 4. Green Hill- Hard court

Zone 3:

1. Richland Park- Davis’ square

2. Cotton Ground- Big City Bar 3. Peruvian vale - Main Road 4. Carriere - Junction

Zone 4:

1. Point village - village square

2. San Souci - Main Road 3. Diamonds village - square 4. Owia - school grounds

Zone 5
1. Port Elizabeth – Almond Tree
2. Sugar Hill – Mt Pleasant
3. Paget Farm – Village Square
4. Diamond Village Bequia – Main Road and Gellizeau- Village Square (tie)

National Champion:
1. Point Village – Village square
2. Almond Tree Bequia
3. Rose Hall -Works
4. Top Belair

Best Lit Private House:
1. Olivia Da Silva – Cane End
2. Jimmy Samuel – Penniston
3. Ann Jones -Questelles and Sylvan Baptiste Lower
4. Rhonda Stanley-Chauncey, Everad Ince Rose Bank and Jose Hooper – BelmontGinger Village (tie)

Best Lit Gardens
1. Top villa Christmas Gardens – Hull’s residence
2. Richmond Hill Gardens -Richmond Hill
3. Fitz Hughes – School Grounds

Best Nativity Scene
1. Point Village – village square
2. Town Hill
3. Olivia Da SILVA
4. Top Villa – Hull’s Residents

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