Evacuation outside of SVG: Do you need an Emergency Certificate?


Reposted from Passports and Immigration Facebook Page: An Emergency Certificate is a travel document that can be used in lieu of a passport. It is valid for travel to all OECS countries, Barbados and Guyana.

Vincentians who wish to obtain an Emergency Certificate, need to submit the following to the Immigration Department.

  • Completed application form
  • Photo Identification
  • Two passport size photos (the back of one has to be certified by a relevant authority)
  • Birth Certificate

In the case of a child, the photo ID of the parent/guardian would be accepted.

A non national may be issued an Emergency Certificate depending on the individual’s circumstances.

An Emergency Certificate is valid for travel to and from the country of destination. It can be applied for the same day or two to three days prior to departure.

At present, the cost for an Emergency Certificate is thirty five dollars ($35.00).

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