By a contributor. Updated 11:52 a.m., Sunday, April 18, 2021, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

With no medical practitioners in sight, a lady sits on a bench in one of St. Vincent’s health centers with her umbilical cord hanging.

This is seen in a 1: 21 secs video being circulated on social media Sunday morning.

“Here is where Shanika ge e (get her) baby, Shanika come ah clinic so long and Shanika dey here waiting,” lamented the father of the baby. “My child born on the ground there, my child born on the ground, drop pon e ******* head.”

The man who sound angry apologized for the expletive nothing that he is going to put the video on social media.

He said the woman gave birth to the baby right on the bench where sits , and the nurses took the baby and left the bleeding woman on the bench. The woman who was wearing a black and white dress had her legs apart and appeared to be in pain.

“Look the umbilical cord coming out of my woman there. I don’t want to show her face and look up to now none of them nar study she. None of them nar study she. Eh none of them studying she,” he lamented.

He added that when he talks, the nurses are telling him to cool himself down. “How could I cool down myself in a situation like this, suppose something happen to my child way par e drop pon e concrete dey?”.

He continued his rant saying that his partner was at the hospital for a long time and was not attended to.

He continued to offload expletives and making apologies for it. “Sometimes when you dey inna dem situation ya, yo does have to f****** curse, yo understand.”

He said, “look at where my child born and look at where my woman dey still, over fifteen minutes now and none of them studying she”.

One News understands that the incident took place at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, the country’s main hospital. We contacted the hospital but was told that the hospital’s administrator is not in on Sundays and no one was available to comment on the matter at that time.

Over the years, there have been many complains about poor services being exhibited at public hospitals in the country.

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