BRAGSA 7-day nationwide cleanup to employ over 6,000

The Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) has commenced a 7-day long road cleaning programme.


The initiative, which started this morning, will see the employment of over six thousand persons.


This will include 412 gangs and 1,952 jobbers, who will be responsible for the cutting of trees, and cleaning of roads in all 15 constituencies over the next seven days.


Contracts will also be given to over 100 truckers and conductors.


The programme is being done at an estimated cost of 3 million EC dollars.



BRAGSA is therefore appealing to motorists and pedestrian to take the necessary precautions during this period.


Communications Officer, Rohan Cupid says work will only be done in the green, yellow and orange zones.


Mr. Cupid says emphasis will be placed on the cleaning of the orange zone in anticipation of the return of residents to those communities.


He says every step will be taken to ensure that the communities are clean and ready for their return.


In addition, Mr. Cupid says the programme will also focus on the cleaning of drains in light of the commencement of the hurricane season next month.


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