Unicomer (St. Vincent) Limited Continues to Help Rebuild St. Vincent 

Press Release

Photo Caption: Unicomer St. Vincent Team donating supplies to the Belmont Government School.

Georgetown, St. Vincent, 20-05-2021:  Unicomer (St. Vincent) Limited continues to demonstrate its commitment to the community and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines by assisting over 20 charitable organizations and emergency shelters help over  30,000 displaced Vincentians, since the eruption of the La Soufriere Volcano.

Organizations such as the Rillan Hill Shelter, Belmont Shelter, Golden Years Activity Center and noted activist Donnie Collins from Solutions in Motion, all benefited from donations of mattresses, cots, food supplies, potable water, small appliances and cash donations.

Unicomer (St. Vincent) Limited, Commercial Officer, Lisa Veira shared, “These have been extremely trying times for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines who have had to deal with a global pandemic and a volcanic eruption all within a very short space of time. For this reason, we rushed to provide assistance, even collaborating with our partners across the region such as Advance Foam, Unicomer Trinidad and the rest of the OECS to bring relief.”

Unicomer (St. Vincent) Limited also collaborated with KFC St. Vincent to create play areas for displaced children from four emergency shelters.  The Company donated televisions and floor rugs to the spaces in an effort to help the children make the best of an unfortunate situation.  Mr. Wade Jackson, shelter manager at Buccament Bay Secondary School said, “We’re very grateful to receive this timely donation from Courts. We developed a “Back to Happiness” program for the kids where we host games nights, story time and movie nights to help return some sort of comfort to them. The addition of the new equipment from Courts will certainly go a long way to making the program more impactful.”

“We’ve heard so many heartbreaking stories, from persons having to sleep on the ground and others not being able to meet their most basic needs because their livelihoods have been lost as a result of the explosion,” Ms. Veira continued. “And even now as persons return home and try to revert to some level of normalcy, we’re happy to have been able to positively impact the lives of hundreds of displaced Vincentians in a positive way. We know the road to recovery will be a challenging one, but we are here and continue to stand with the people of St. Vincent. Together we will overcome.”  

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