Teachers: think about mortgages and bills now, deal with gov’t later

The views expressed herein are solely those of the writer.

Opinion: Yes, it is true that many of you may not be ready to take Covid-19 vaccine, or you may not want to take it at all.

My advice to all teachers facing the “no jab, no job” ultimatum, however, is to take the jab.

Finding other jobs in this economy is hard, and the government knows that and is using that to their advantage to hold a lasso around your neck. Many of you have mortgages and loans, bills, children to feed, and yourselves to take care of. The government has used this against you to essentially put you between a rock and a hard place so that you will take the experimental vaccine.

Your power of choice has been taken away, but the taking the vaccine can give it back to you in a dangerous way.

When you get it back, use it back on the government when the tables turn. Less than five years from now, some of you will have suffered complications due to blood clotting or autoimmunity, which are side effects of mRNA vaccines. Others of you will be totally fine, while some of you will still be wondering what are the long-term effects of the vaccine. Some of you might even be wondering why you had to take a vaccine for a virus with a 98% survival rate and for which vaccines do not prevent transmission, and where most fatalities are people who had underlying conditions.

By that time, the government will be coming to you, asking you to exercise the democratic right they essentially took from you during the pandemic. Some opposition members will be coming and asking you for it too. When they come, make sure you turn the tables on them.

No jab, no job in 2021? No money, no vote at election time. Since they made the pandemic about the economy and threatened your economic survival, then why can’t you threaten theirs?

No jab, no job in 2021? No good roads, no vote at election time.

No jab, no job in 2021? No salary increase, no vote at election time.

No jab, no job in 2021? No promotions, no vote at election time.

No jab, no job in 2021? No proper teaching conditions at election time? No vote.

Remember you were asked to take the jab for the economy? Remember the vaccine was the panacea for bringing back normalcy and if you took the jab all, ALL will be well? Well, you MUST make the next general election about the economy. Let them pay for your vote.

Don’t take any promises. 2021 made us more transactional and the government, through their “no jab, no job” policy made it so. We would have paid, make sure they pay theirs and know that your vote won’t be free. Every project done within a term was payment for your previous votes, so, none of that counts. Let them pay you for your next vote.

When they throw 100% mortgages in your face, that was for your last vote.

When they throw scholarships in your face, that was payment for your last vote(s).

When they throw how they kept paying salaries in your face, well you took the vaccine for that and it is the government’s responsibility to do that.

If you never voted, those were for your taxes over the years and the monies raised in your name.

They have set a precedent in 2021 which has made us more transactional. So, let them give to get and make sure you’re satisfied with what you get before you vote, because one Covid-19 shot doesn’t satisfy them now, you need two.

Go take the vaccine, but be transactional from now on. They have to give to get. That’s the power in the word ‘choice’.

By A. John


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