Local business spearheads campaign aimed at men

Press release: Mavcom Spearheads “Positive Fatherhood” Campaign.

Photo: NBC News

Mavcom, in collaboration with several well-known businesses in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has committed to highlighting the impact of positive fatherhood for Father’s Day 2022.

Paul Morris, Managing Director of Mavcom lamented the fact that during recent times we have been inundated with far too many reports of criminal and violent activities particularlyagainst the women and children in our society.  

Morris pointed to studies which increasingly recognize the importance of Fathers in positively impacting the lives of their children and reducing negative outcomes in society. The studies reveal that some of the positive outcomes for a child who has an involved Father include better academic performance, greater emotional security, healthy self-esteem, increased empathy and general pro-social behavior, contrasted with higher risks of drug use, truancy, criminal activity and violence evidenced by children without an involved father. 

“Therefore, as a concerned Corporate Citizen, and as a Father, I feel that the time has come for Fathers to play a more dominant role in positively shaping our society, and we need to start highlighting the positive impact of Fatherhood” he added.

Morris explained that Mavcom’s “Positive Fatherhood” campaign is aimed at:
Raising the awareness of the positive impact of a father’s involvement in a child’s life; recognizing and acknowledging Fathers who are currently positively involved in the lives of their biological children and other children in our country; modeling positive fatherhood to existing and potential fathers andchallenging the seemingly acceptable norms of a father’s involvement being optional.

The main element of the campaign is an Essay competition for CPEA students on “The Importance of Fathers”.  Prizes will be given to the students submitting the top 3 essays, with the winner receiving a 256gb laptop for themselves.  The winners’ schools will also receive a prize.  The campaign also includes a panel discussion on “The Importance of Fathers”, and a day dedicated to recognizing Fathers through social media.  Posts must include the hashtag #daddysimpact.  Prizes will be awarded for randomly selected winning posts.

Other partners in this initiative include the Searchlight Newspaper, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Education, Beachcombers Hotel, G.I. Investments, Polished Beauty Clinic and Sweet Radio SVG.

Mavcom, a Vincentian electronics and Information Communications Technology business, is well known for its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility programme which generally supports education in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


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