Buccament Polyclinic staff educates 120 children on healthy living

By Admin. Updated 4:45 p.m., Saturday, August 20, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

A photo collage with some activities at the Buccament Polyclinic Back-to-School Wellness Fair. Photo: Aphine Simmons.

Scores of children in Buccament and surrounding areas were given an educational and fun session today (August 20) on health and wellness in preparation for their return to school.

According to the organizers, some 120 students attended the Back-to-School Wellness Fair which was organized by the staff of the Buccament Bay Poly Clinic.

In addition to medical check ups, children were educated about the dangers of consuming large amounts of sugar content, with demonstrations of the sugar in popular beverages and snacks. They were also made aware of the dangers of obesity, and inactive lifestyles.

The sugar content present in several popular drinks and snacks was depicted at the wellness fair. Photo: Aphine Simmons.

They were also educated about proper dental hygiene.

Presentations came from staff nurse at the facility – Sister Suzette Cudjoe who is the supervisor of the Pembroke health district.

The children also had fun.

They were treated to free bouncing castle, face painting, and character costumes. They were also given prizes for participating in activities at the fair, including in a quiz activity.

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