NTRC wraps up 2022 program that taught teens coding, robotics

Press release from the NTRC: Closing of the NTRC’s 2022 MyApp Summer Program

Participants and facilitators of the closing of the 2022 MyApp Summer Program. Photo: NTRC.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission – NTRC wrapped up the last of its two MyApp summer programs for the year 2022 on Friday, August 19, 2022, at Buccament Bay Secondary School.

The objective of the NTRC’s MyApp summer program is to teach participants between the ages of 13-18 how to code using a pocket-sized computer known as the micro:bit.

This will help participants to gain insightful knowledge in coding as the demand for software developers is increasing.

The students were also introduced to robotics where they were able to construct and then use their coding skills to code commands into the robots.

The Valedictorian for this program was second form student of the Girls’ High School, Ms. Claudia Lovelace. Ms. Lovelace was gifted with an Acer laptop compliments the NTRC.

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