Turkey Wings or Chicken Wings? “My mistake was to fry them”

Dear Editor,

I purchased wings on August 27 at a leading supermarket. The wings looked very clean and didn’t have the blood shots that the regular wings I’d usually purchase would sometimes have.

When I got home, I thawed out the wings and started cleaning them. That was when I realized they looked very strange.

I said to myself that maybe they’re from a different supplier. I proceeded to seasoning the wings and ended frying some. Well, that was the worst mistake. My mistake was to fry them. The rubbery texture of the chicken made my meal unsavory, and the bones were hard.

They somewhat tasted like turkey.

Now, I when I looked back on my receipt to really see what was going on, they were labeled as “Chicken Wings Bulk” and were sold at $4.83 per pound.

If these were indeed chicken wings, then the supermarket in question needs to check their supplier because something is definitely wrong.

If they are not chicken wings, then they need to be labeled properly so as to not mislead the consumer.

I would love for anyone else who has experienced this to share their stories because it cannot be me alone.

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