Popular radio show host Nigel Blake has died

By Admin. Updated 4:02 p.m., Tuesday, August 30, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Renowned local radio host Nigel Blake is dead.

Mr. Blake died peacefully today (August 30) in the presence of his family who were at his bedside.

Mr. Blake was battling with cancer for about three years.

Blake was host of the ‘Lift Him Up’ gospel music program aired on WEFM 99.9 on Sundays from 6-9 a.m., for about two decades.

He is also the son of well-known local pastor – Veral Blake and the brother of Al Blake of Highpoint Church.

He was also well involved in the local gospel music industry and helped to promote local gospel music.

In a Facebook post, his brother Al said: “August 30th on a brilliant sunny day our family gathered at his bedside and we watched as Nigel took his last breath. His light has gone out but he will forever be that brilliant light that shines in our hearts. Forever smiling, forever “Lifting Him Up”. He will be fondly remembered by his dad Veral Blake, his brothers Al and Dev Blake and his two daughters Rianna and Niesha Blake.”

Messages of condolences have been expressed throughout social media from many of Nigel’s fans, well-wishers and institutions he’s been part of.

In a post, WEFM radio, said:

“WEFM extends sincere condolences to the Blake family on the passing of Staff member Nigel Blake, who passed away today, Tuesday August 30th, 2022.
Nigel hosted the ‘Lift Him Up’ program on WEFM on Sundays from 6-9AM.
He will be greatly missed by his loyal ‘Lift Him Up’ listeners, the WEFM family and the Blake family.”

The funeral arrangements for Mr. Blake are expected to be announced soon by the family.

Mr. Blake’s death is the second major death to hit the Blake family of Campden Park in weeks, as his mother and wife of pastor Veral Blake recently passed away.

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