Gov’t purchases more fishing boats and engines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Government has increased its support for local fishers by bolstering the existing Fleet Expansion Programme.

Here are the full details in this press release from the Agency for Public Information – API.

Minister of Agriculture Hon. Saboto Caesar said Cabinet has already approved the purchase of an additional 34 boats and 27 engines to prepare local fishers for the huge demand for seafood.

Government signed an agreement with Rainforests Seafood to purchase a minimum of 20 million dollars worth of fish annually, however, the Minister said this demand for seafood can reach in excess of 45 million dollars annually.

In addition, Minister Ceasar added that his ministry is responding to a request for a 10-million- US dollar proposal for further development in the Agriculture and Fisheries sector.

“Within the last few days, within the ministry, seeking the assistance of external consultants, we were able to draft a framework for the expenditure…I want for the farmers and fishers…for you to know that this Government will continue to deliver for you,” Ceasar said.

Minister Ceasar was speaking in Caratal at the opening of the Georgetown/Sans Souci Sea Defense Project on September 9th, 2022.

Feature photo: Keifa Paul Facebook

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