Can the Government confirm the number of parishes in SVG

By Admin. Updated 1:55 p.m., Sunday, October 23, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

From recent surface-level research, One News SVG has come to understand that different schools across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – SVG are teaching students different information regarding the number of parishes the country has.

It appears that some schools over the years, particularly on the Leeward side and Kingstown, have been teaching that SVG has five parishes – Charlotte, St. David, St. Patrick, St. Andrew, and St. George.

Other schools, over the years, on the Windward side, however, have been teaching students that the country has six (6) parishes – all the aforementioned and the Grenadines.

Some publications by international organizations have stated that SVG has six (6) parishes.

Some questions linger:

Has there been miseducation on the number of parishes?

If there are five (5) parishes from colonial times, at which point was the Grenadines area assigned parish status?

If the Grenadines area is not a parish, then under which mainland parish is the Grenadines area represented? Charlotte?

Where can citizens find official information from the government on parishes, their names, boundaries and changes in that regard?

What would be the process of adding a new parish?

When can we have all schools teaching the same information about parishes?

Only the government, with official information can settle this score.

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