Vincy girl claims she has been a victim of cyber bullying

This was submitted by someone who claims to have been a victim of cyberbullying in SVG.

“I called her a friend. Having her as a friend wasn’t the best, but everyone isn’t perfect.

I shared nudes with her because I felt comfortable enough to do so. That was my mistake and I’m owning up.”

Those are the words of a young victim of cyber bullying in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The young lady whose identity will remain anonymous claims that she is now trying to protect her reputation from cyber attacks after a friend released her nudes online.

She tells Sarah her story (all of the names used in this account of her story are pseudonyms):

Dear Sarah,

I met a guy named Chris at a local restaurant. We talked a bit. Several months after I met my friend – Mary who told me she was involved with a guy and that the guy was threatening her. When she showed me a photo of the guy, I noticed the face was familiar. It was Chris who I had met months before at the restaurant.

I asked Chris if he knew my friend, Mary and he said no, which turned out to be a lie. I didn’t take it for anything. Christ and I continued to talk casually and he helped me out with personal affairs which I was grateful for.

He wanted the friendship to be stretched into more, but I didn’t want it to.

Something didn’t add up where my friend Mary was concerned, so, I called Chris and asked him again if he knew Mary, and he told me the truth that he in fact knew her and they had a connection.

I then made up my mind that I didn’t want to get deeply involved with Chris after that because not only was he a lot older than I am, but he was also involved with other friends of mine. I was in my early twenties; he was in his early forties, and some of my friends were in their teens.

Behind my back, Mary and Chris met up and Chris shared some stuff about me that were not true, including that he had seen nudes with me and that he had opportunities to have sex with me.

I asked Mary if the guy she was taking about that was threatening her was Chris, and she said yes, and told me about the things Chris was saying about me.

So, Chris confronted me about why I was intouch with Mary concerning him. Afterwards, Mary confronted me as well and accused me of being involved with Chris knowing that she was also involved with him.

I tried to assure Mary with the truth that I was never involved with Chris, sexually. That argument was Friday, and my nudes were shared on Sunday. Though Mary is trying to deny it, I am 100% sure that it was in fact my friend Mary who shared my nudes, since the specific ones shared to her were those also shared online.

One of the screenshots of the photos is an iPhone screenshot and my friend Mary has an iPhone. This was done on a fake profile on a popular social media platform.

Sarah, I have nudes of her as well, and I immediately deleted them. I even went to the police to make a report and I am not seeing anything being done about this incident which is clearly a cybercrime.


I felt so empty that I couldn’t even react in anyway.

Amidst my anguish, betrayal, and disappointment, I find it fit to share some advice with young women in SVG:

There are other points I want to add as well

  1. Not to trust anyone with nudes because promising relationships can come to an end resulting in unstable behaviors.
  2. The law in taking these matters seriously and effectively
  3. People’s mindset about released nudes that instead of bullying they need to comfort the victim.
  4. Talk about the whole myth with your life is over when stuff like that is released and it shouldn’t be that way

Chris shares information about females he claims to be dealing with. I want to warn them to stay clear of such situations.

This is all not a good feeling. When things like this happen to you, you feel very lonely. In my case, I feel really lonely because my friends no longer talk to me because of it.

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