I am the Soufrière Tree

I am the Soufrière Tree.

I was introduced into St. Vincent from the British Guiana in 1791.

This was just the beginning, as my future had just begun.

On the slopes of the volcano in 1804, Dr Alexander collected me.

Just eight years before, in 1812, our volcano erupted

And lava covered our mountain floor

So you see, if he didn’t collect me

I’d be no more

I am an untidy brancher with simple lanceolate leaves

I am quite an attractive pale pink, a colour you won’t believe

My leaves are about 2-4 inches long and 1 inch wide

Whenever the wind blows, I sway from side to side with pride

I am known only to this island

Yes, St. Vincent, Gem of the Antilles

I am a purely endemic species

I am nothing like hibiscus or lillies

I am your national flower

I am the Soufrière tree

Spachea Perforata as I am called scientifically

So don’t let anyone fool you

And don’t let them change me

Remember I am your national flower



The feature photo was used form the Ministry of Tourism’s website.

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