Magikal’s intervention “ends arguments” over 2022 CDC prize monies

By Admin. Updated 3:23 p.m., Wednesday, January 4, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

“When Magikal reach, argument done,” is a popular catch line from local soca star Derron “Magikal” Rouse’s 2022 song.

According to social media, that line might just be true regarding public arguments over what some interpreted as the silence of the Carnival Development Corporation – CDC on the delayed payments of 2022 prize monies.

The Carnival Development Corporation – CDC says it has been advised that funds will be made available this week to award prizes to winners of various categories of Vincy Mas 2022.

In a press release issued today (January 4), the CDC said it looks forward to hosting the prize-giving ceremony this weekend.

It said all winners would be advised accordingly.

The press release came after 2019 soca monarch winner Derron “Magikal” Rouse took to social media to express his grievances about the non-payment of 2022 prize monies and what he described as poor communication by the CDC in response to requests for information about the prize monies.

A screenshot of the soca artiste’s public Facebook post a few days ago.

The issue gained much attention on social media and was the subject of discussion on many popular radio shows recently.

After the CDC’s press release today, persons took to social media to praise Magikal.

In its press release today, the CDC’s Chairman, Mr. Ricardo Adams said: “For many years, the CDC has looked forward to hosting the prize-giving ceremony in the months immediately succeeding the festival, but access to finances to meet this commitment in 2022 was delayed.”

He said the reduced scale of the festival and the continued level of uncertainty that existed at that time due to COVID-19 restrictions, coupled with the reduced sponsorship and financial support that was made available to the CDC, had a financial impact on the hosting of Vincymas 2022.

Mr. Adams said: “I assure you that the CDC fully respects all of the components of Vincymas, and all of the players who strive over the years to make Vincymas the experience that it has been for all of our locals and visitors to these shores.”

“We sincerely apologize to the component members and all who have been affected by this delay,” the statement added. 

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