Union Island Tourist Bureau releases calendar of events for 2023

By Admin. Updated 5:55 a.m., Friday, January 6, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Photo collage: From left: Chairman of the Union Island Tourist Bureau – Mr. Stanton Gomes and on the right – two French tourists who visited Union Island in December 2022 when the new welcome sign was unveiled.

The Union Island Tourist Bureau has released a calendar of events for 2023. 

The calendar of events was released on January 5, and features eight (8) events from February to December.

The first event on the calendar is the Union Island Conch Festival which will be held from February 24 to 26. Union Island Easterval, which is put off by the Easterval Committee, will be held from April 2 to 10, and Island Maroon, which is hosted mainly by the Imani Cultural Organization in collaboration with other groups, will be held in May.

The second half of the year will feature Restaurant Month from June 1 to 30. Summer Getaway will be held in July and August, and Model Boat Regatta will be held on October 27.

Tourism month will also be held in the second half of this year from November 1 to 30. The year will culminate with the hosting of Fireworks and Street Meet on December 31. 

Chairman of the Union Island Tourist Bureau – Mr. Stanton Gomes spoke about the advantages of releasing the calendar early.

In an interview on January 5, Mr. Gomes said: “the advantage of releasing the calendar early is that it gives persons time to plan ahead and to make bookings for rooms and arranging their flights, arranging their vacation time, as in persons who have to apply for vacation.”

He said the main appeal is for Vincentians.

“It’s for domestic tourism as well as a bit of regional tourism,” he said, adding that the SVG Tourism Authority deals with marketing for the international markets.

Mr. Gomes said part of the aim is to promote community tourism on Union Island and promoting conservation as well.

Photo: Visit Union Island Facebook page.

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