VINLEC’s Joshua Center Kiosk problem affecting customers

By Admin. Updated 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 25, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Some persons who paid their electricity bills in December 2022 at the kiosk operated by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Electricity Services Ltd – VINLEC at the Joshua Center at Arnos Vale have still not had those payments reflected on their accounts.

Affected customers who have received bills due in February are seeing arrears on their accounts even though they paid outstanding amounts in December.

Additionally, some affected customers say the Joshua Center Kiosk was not issuing paper receipts at some points – a situation that may affect some customers who did not select all options for receiving a payment receipt.

It is not clear exactly how many customers have been affected over the period.

A call to VINLEC’s customer service department yesterday revealed that the company is aware of the situation and is working to have it resolved.

Up to press time, the reason for the payment problem at the Joshua Center kiosk was still unclear.

The company’s customer service department says other payment options include the kiosks and cashiers at its Kingstown Headquarters and other locations.

The State-owned company has not released a statement as yet about the matter.

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