Most Outstanding Girl Guide encourages more girls to be guides

In the photo collage: Photo on the left: Ms. Nyah James and the photo on the right: Nyah James and her mother.

By Admin. Updated 6:18 p.m., Saturday, January 28, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

The recipient of the No. 3 Kingstown Girl Guide Company’s Most Outstanding Girl Guides Award, Ms. Nyah James has encouraged more girls to become guides. 

“I think you should get into guiding. It’s a good extracurricular activity. It calms you after a busy school week, and some of the skills you pick up can help you in the future,” Ms. James told One News today after collecting several awards.

The 14-year-old was today awarded Best Organize Patrol Leader, Best Allrounder Girl Guide, and Most Outstanding Girl Guide at the No. 3 Kingstown Girl Guide Company Enrollment and Awards Ceremony. 

Scores of girl guides, new recruits, trainers, organizers, sponsors, and parents were present at the event held at the Girl Guides Headquarters in Kingstown. 

Many of the existing guides and new recruits were awarded for their hard work and training over the last few months. 

Ms. Zaida Davis, a young leader and assistant guide for the No. 3 Kingstown Guide Company said some of activities undertaken by the different patrols include a Think Pink fashion show to raise awareness about breast cancer, a competition to help fight violence against women, a recycling project, and a Morse code competition to solve problems in morse code. 

In response to collecting The Most Outstanding Girl Guide Award, 14-year-old Nyah James told One News SVG she feels excited and very proud of herself.

“I’ve worked extremely hard for this award, so I feel really good,” she said. 

When asked if she expected the award, she said: “part of me said yes, but part of me said no because there are some really good girls in guiding, so it was fifty-fifty.”

Several other individual awards were handed out to guides across the four levels of the guide company. 

The No. 3 Kingstown Girl Guide Company is divided into several smaller subgroups called patrols.

The Red Rose Patrol. Photo: Demion McTair.

Awards were also handed out to some of these patrols.

The Most Outstanding Patrol Award was captured by Red Rose Patrol of which Nyah is a member. 

The other patrols include Daffodils Patrol, Daisy Patrol, Bluebell Patrol, Butterfly Patrol, and Bumblebee Patrol.

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