The moment Ralph gave Keisal my position

The views expressed herein are solely those of the writer and do not reflect the views of One News SVG.

I was standing there in shock. After all, this decision seemed to have come out of nowhere.
It was supposed to be me, and everybody knew that. For all my hard work and dedication, for all my free advice, and for all my commitment, there I was standing motionlessly as my very soul was taken out of my body. It was a numbness that only experience could describe and an inner silence that only humility itself could bring about.
There I was, standing as a child cheated in a game, watching someone else walk away with what was duly mine.

Why didn’t I fight? Why didn’t I roar like a lion? Why didn’t I go up on my mighty horse and demand that this unfair game be replayed?
I did not because silence got the better of me. I did not because pride and ego overtook me. That’s how I got here. I thought all was going to go to plan; I counted my chickens before they hatched, and I did not leave room for disappointment.

I know you expected to hear particular details in this story, but I hope this metaphoric language helps you to understand something important.

The position is where you want to be in life, Keisal is your competitor, and Ralph is the giver of opportunity.

You see, there are many goals we set, but our distractions can make us unprepared to accomplish them. This is where life can give our opportunities to others.

We have to stay focused and steadfast on our goals. We have to put pride and ego aside and work hard without letting our guard down.

Who will get your position if you slack?

Names used in this article do not represent true characters or events. Popular names were used for attention-grabbing purposes.

The message in the article is that one should remain humble, stable, and steadfast.

By J. Browne

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