Dr. Grace Walters nominated as ULP candidate for North Windward

By Admin. Updated 10:12 a.m., Sunday, May 21, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

The Unity Labour Party’s – ULP North Windward Constituency Council nominated Dr. Grace Walters to be the party’s candidate for North Windward in the next general elections.

At a conference on Saturday night (May 20), Dr. Walters, whose name has been floating around as a potential candidate since 2015 was given the approval by the council to take the next step forward.

Her candidacy will now have to go through other processes including being ratified during a future convention of the party, One News SVG understands.

The move paves the way for an epic woman versus woman-battle in the highly important constituency.

Once successful, she will likely face off with Shevern John, the New Democratic Party’s – NDP candidate who unsuccessfully contested the seat in the 2020 general elections against the ULP’s Montgomery Daniel who has held the seat since 2001.

Mr. Daniel, the incumbent, known as the ‘iron man’ who has been facing medical issues has signaled his intention to not contest the seat again.

Dr. Walters has served as a medical practitioner, including a staff nurse in several communities throughout North Windward where she delivered many babies and provided care. She also served as a Hospital Administrator. Shevern John has served the constituency as a trained educator who has impacted the lives of young people throughout the constituency in the classroom.

The next general elections due by March 2026 are expected by November 2025.

The ULP will be seeking the blessing of an unprecedented sixth consecutive term in office while the NDP will be trying to break the continuous curse of opposition. The North Windward constituency is expected to play a major role in either outcome.

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