Stanley Wins Again In BDS Nice Radio, 3 others Defamation Case

By Demion McTair. Updated 3:38 p.m., Saturday, May 23, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Kingstown, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – Former President of the SVG Table Tennis Association, Mr. Sean Stanley secured another court victory against four parties in a defamation case on Friday May 22, 2020.

In 2019, Justice Nicola Byer at the High Court, ordered that damages be awarded to Mr. Stanley, after it was found that statements made by the defendants, in relation to Mr. Stanley were defamatory.

See link to full judgement at the end of the story.

The defendants in the case are Julian Sutherland – first defendant, Justin Douglas – second defendant, BDS Limited, trading as Nice Radio – third defendant, and Carlos Maloney & Company Limited – fourth defendant.

The matter was to be listed before a Master of the High Court thereafter for trial directions.

One News SVG contacted Mr. Stanley for comment after it emerged that the court met on Friday (May 22, 2020) to hear a request from the claimants for a stay of execution.

A stay of execution is a delay in carrying out a court order.

Stanley said the judge, Justice Byer, dismissed the defendants’ stay of execution, ruling that the defendants have no grounds.

The matter now has to go before a Master of the High Court to determine the quantum of the damages to be awarded to Mr. Stanley.

One News SVG understands that the initial figure of damages to be awarded is EC $250,000 dollars.


Stanley told One News SVG that “this hell” has been going on for about 14-years but he had to find new lawyers along the way as two of the lawyers he had (Carl Glasgow and then Olin Dennie), died in the process and another migrated.

He then secured a Lawyer for the fourth time in the process. Lawyer Ronnie Marks represented him in the matter.

Appearances were made in court on behalf of the defendants by Mr. Bertram Commissiong Q. C. amicus curiae for the first defendant, Mrs. Kay Bacchus-Baptiste for the second and third defendants, and Ms. Susanne Commissiong for the fourth defendant.

Mr. Stanley said the defamatory remarks have gravely affected him personally and professionally.

“I had gone through so much hell during table tennis elections after that”, Mr. Stanley said, referring to the defamatory allegations made against him.

“I remember a man saying we can’t vote Sean as no treasurer”, Mr. Stanley told One News SVG.

Stanley said that initially, he had asked the parties involved to apologize over the broadcast of the contents of the defamatory words of a letter.

He said the parties involved were headstrong and refused to apologize.

Mr. Stanley, who is now a committee member of the SVG Table Tennis Association said that he resigned as president of the association due to the litigation proceedings.

He said that he now serves as a committee member of the SVG Table Tennis Association and that even when he travels, his counterparts from other countries in the Table Tennis arena would ask him about the allegations.

“I am a poor fella. This thing cost me”, Mr. Stanley said. He added that he could not let the defamatory remarks against him slide, so he pursued the matter in court.

See 2019 Case Judgement Here:

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