NL recount shows James still victorious, Matthews considers 2nd recount

Kingstown, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – The preliminary count of the votes cast in the North Leeward constituency in the November 5, 2020, General Elections shows that the Unity Labour Party (ULP’s) Carlos James won the seat by some seven votes.

An official electoral count (a recount) lasting nearly 24hrs, also shows that Carlos James of the ULP maintained a narrow win (by one vote) against Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews of the New Democratic Party (NDP), who held the seat since 2010.

According to reports, Mr. Matthews is requesting time to consider a third count (a second recount) of the votes cast in North Leeward.

According to Carlos James’ official Facebook page, this is after the majority of the rejected ballots were votes cast for James.

During the first official count (the recount), votes cast for both Matthews and James were rejected, reducing the scores for both, sources say.

James’ victory has been reduced to a one-vote victory because some of the votes counted that had shown people’s intention to vote for James were discarded as rejected votes during the recount exercise, a source close to the process has told One News SVG.

Matthews also lost votes as some of the votes initially counted as votes for him were rejected during the official count, sources say.

An election writ declaring a winner in the constituency must be signed. But, Matthews has a legal right to request another recount and for sufficient time to consider whether or not he will pursue one.

In the 2015 General Election, Matthews won the seat by 12 votes.

In the 2020 General Election, the preliminary results show a 9-6 margin victory for the Unity Labour Party returning the party to power for a fifth consecutive term in office.

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