New cafe opens at Campden Park

By Admin. Updated 7:22 p.m., Sunday, January 17, 2021, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Kingstown, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – Persons in Campden Park and surrounding areas have an option to have their sweet cravings satisfied, as D’nV Cafe officially opened its doors.

Vanelle Matthias-Moses, the proprietor of D’nV Cafe, located at Coconut Range, Campden Park, said the cafe offers a range of snacks, cakes, smoothies, slush ice, and ice cream.

The launch on Saturday, January 16, 2021, adhered strictly to established Covid-19 protocols of hand sanitizing, mask-wearing, social distancing and a crowd limit of 10 persons.

Patrons at the launch of D’nV Cafe practicing social distancing and mask-wearing.

According to Moses-Matthias, who is passionate about the culinary arts, the cafe also has a bar and an outdoor social distancing-enabled chill spot.

Matthias-Moses said that plans for the Cafe started rolling out months ago, but the project was finally completed recently.

She thanks her parents, her siblings, other relatives, in-laws, friends and supporters for cheering her on on her journey.

The cafe will also offer meals daily and boasts of a wide variety of treats and snacks.

Patrons will be expected to adhere to all established Covid-19 protocols when entering the compound of the cafe. These include mask-wearing, social distancing and regular hand sanitizing.

Persons have the options of ordering their food before hand.

Matthias-Moses also said that the packaged and homemade treats and drinks are diverse and patrons can expect international quality items and various flavours.

D’nV Cafe is located above (behind) the Bethel High School at Campden Park (as shown with the yellow hand emoticon on the map)

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