Don’t bend to gov’t vaccine mandate! Stand firm!

Photo: Baltimore Sun.

Opinion: They can’t fire all of us. The only way their immoral mandate is going to work is if we allow it to have free reign.

Teachers, police, health care workers, please stand firm. Do not bend. If you don’t want to take the vaccine or are not ready to take it, then don’t be forced.

Examples are there in the US, Canada, the UK, and other countries where they have either relaxed or pushed back mandates because people are standing up and resisting and governments cannot afford to lose good workers.

Additionally, fully vaccinated Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise in some countries, showing the inefficient side of the vaccine.

For instance, in Northern Ireland, for the period September to October, 2021, fully vaccinated Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths outweighed unvaccinated, according to the UK Department of Health.

Table showing hospitalizations in Northern Ireland for the period September to October, 2021. More fully vaccinated than unvaccinated persons were admitted to hospital for COVID-19 for the period.

Fully vaccinated Covid-19 deaths also outweighed unvaccinated deaths for the period.

Table showing deaths in Northern Ireland for the period September to October, 2021. More fully vaccinated than unvaccinated persons died of COVID-19 for the period.

See the full government report here:

Scientists are also monitoring the situation in Denmark, Singapore, Gibraltar and other places where similar data is emerging.

See – Denmark’s Covid Contamination Rate Rises After Restrictions End

Additionally, and relevant to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, information is emerging about adverse reactions from the vaccine experienced by people who were ‘forced’ to take the vaccine to keep their jobs.

Furthermore, even with the low rate of vaccination, fully vaccinated people have been admitted to both the Isolation Center at Argyle and the COVID-19 wards at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

While the ministry says the vaccination is our best tool to fight the virus, we have to look into the matter well. Yes, there have been Covid-19 related deaths, but based on the ministry’s publications, many of these deaths had underlying conditions. Unvaccinated recoveries also far outweigh unvaccinated deaths. Other forms of medication and treatment are also emerging to cut hospitalizations and deaths, and the role of natural immunity is no longer being de-emphasized.

So, If you need more time to think about the situation, take it. If you don’t want the vaccine, don’t take it.

Don’t be forced and don’t let the government bully you into taking a jab for a job. After all, they can’t fire all of us, and if they do, that will be the beginning of sorrows. It will be economic suicide on the government’s part.

Continue to monitor the situation. Don’t be forced.

By. Teacher A. John.

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