80 years of service: PSU to recognize past presidents

Press release

From left: Media practitioner Sheron Garraway (left) interviewing former PSU president – Mr. Conrad Sayers (right).

The contributions of past presidents of the Public Service Union, PSU will be highlighted through a Presidential Cocktail and Award Ceremony on Monday 27th February at the Methodist Church Hall from 6pm.

The gala affair is in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the trade union under the theme, “Navigating the way forward – 80 years and counting.”

The PSU has emphasized the importance of appreciating those at the helm who have helped to build the organisation. 

They have been conducting interviewers with the previous leaders and these interviews will be uploaded to their social media pages as well as to their recently launched website psusvg.com

In one of the interviews with media practitioner Sheron Garraway, former politician and agriculturalist Conrad Sayers who served during the 1990’s, recounted on his tenure where he ensured that workers received their benefits.

Sayers empahsised the need for leaders of unions to be non-partisan as they were representing civil servants from all political spectrums. Sayers also encouraged civil servants to become members of the PSU and to be industrious in their daily duties to build the nation.

Other upcoming events to celebrate the PSU 80th anniversary includes a members/pensioners Fun Day at Mt Wynne on March 4th and a boat ride to Bequia on March 14th.  


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