Funeral-goers shocked by barrage of bullets nearby

By Admin. Updated 4:10 p.m., Sunday, May 14, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

People who were attending a funeral service this afternoon at the Kingstown Seventh Day Adventist Church were momentarily shocked after hearing several gunshots nearby.

One person who didn’t want their identity to be disclosed said as they were entering the funeral service, they heard a barrage of bullets.

There was a collective reaction of shock in the church in response to the sounds of gunshots nearby, the person said.

Reports are that a 47-year-old electrician was shot at Long Lane Upper (Upper Middle Street) this afternoon.

He was shot by an unknown assailant.

The Kingstown Seventh Day Adventist Church is located just a few blocks away from the crime scene, so that is why funeral attendees heard the gunshots audibly.

The death of the electrician whose full identity has still not been released by police brings the homicide count for 2023 to 18.

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