A Son’s tribute to his mom on Mother’s Day

Updated 11:30 a.m., Sunday, May 14, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

My Mother

By Rahjé Ash

Smart, beautiful and nice is how I describe my mother. Her name is Rawdica Stephen and you might know her for her famous voice, reading the news on NBC Radio. She is a journalist with a Bachelor’s Degree. Overall my mother is a nice person but everyone has a bad side. She might sound nice on radio but sometimes she acts like she has no brain, especially when she is upset.

She is an overall a nice person because she provides all my needs such as food, shelter and clothing. She cares for me when I am sick, helps me with homework and takes me on fun adventures. When it comes to birthdays, nobody can top my mother because she always makes me feel extra special on my birthdays. She would spend all her money just to make me happy. My mother is not only nice to me, she’s nice to other people’s children too. Sometimes at Christmas, my mother through her business called Radikal Entertainment would give away toys and snacks to the children in Barrouallie to make them happy for the holidays. My mother is truly a blessing from God.

However, my mother is a totally different person when she is upset. It’s like all of the nice things about her, jump out of the window.  She would always say “ Rahjé don’t get me upset because when I’m upset I have no brain”.  She wasn’t lying about that because the woman literally acts like she has no brain when she’s mad! If I don’t do my homework or bring home bad grades, I get to see the bad side of her. She will grab a broomstick or whatever she could find and chase behind me like we are in a game of temple run. 

Although my mother is tough at times, I know she is only behaving that way because she wants the best for me. Her main priority is taking care of me and to ensure that I grow into a  kind and intelligent young man. I am truly  blessed to have such a wonderful woman as my mother. Happy Mother’s Day to my super mom Rawdica Stephen.

Description: Twelve year old Rahjé Ash was given a challenge to write about his mother for Mother’s Day. But he was told to not only include the positives but some of the negatives as well.

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